André Lopes

André Lopes

Digital Product Designer

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

+351 926 359 197


With over seven years of design experience, I’m a product designer specialized in UX and UI. I have co-founded a design agency and won an entrepreneurship grant for a startup. Proficient in Figma, I also have basic HTML and CSS skills. I have a problem-solving mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement and mentorship.

Work experience

UX/UI Mentor

ADP List

I provide mentorship sessions in UX, UI, Figma, Career Advice, and Portfolio and CV reviews

May 2023 - Until now

Product Design Consultant


Currently working as a Product Design consultant

I was responsible for the end-to-end design process of Uphold’s new product, Topper.

May 2022 - Until now

Digital Product Designer


Besides working both as single designer and pairing with other designers in several projects, I have conducted several initiatives that improved the design process within the team, such as Weekly Design Meetings and Design Critique sessions, created our internal Design Toolkit, as well as an internal fully-tokenized White-label Design System;

Being part of a small team, I also became proficient in several subjects of UX and UI, such as User Research, User Testing, UX Writing, User Journey Mapping, Wireframing, Hi-fi Prototyping, Typography, Iconography, and Animations

Collaborated with companies such as Uphold, Capitalise, i-Charging, Staples, Revigrés, Cotec

October 2020 - Until now

Co-Founder and Designer


Successfully navigated and adapted to the challenges of an economic recession, showcasing resilience and adaptability as a designer

Learned how to cultivate strong client relationships

Acquired knowledge in front-end coding (HTML and CSS)

Began to understand how to manage the company’s projects and finances as a co-founder

January 2013 - February 2016

Product Designer


Played a pivotal role as a designer in the early stages of the company's development

Secured an entrepreneurship grant as part of a dynamic 3-member team

Had my first contact conducting user interviews, testing, and UX research

Produced and delivered a wide range of design materials, including prototypes and branding elements

October 2012 - January 2014


Bachelor's Degree

Product Design

Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

September 2009 - July 2012


User experience

User research

User flows


User testing

User interface

Visual Design

Hi-fi prototypes

Design Systems

Mobile UI



Adobe Suite


Motion Design


Design Systems: Scale implementation

The Starter

Mar 2024

AI for Designers (Distinction: Top 10% in Class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

Jan 2024

Digital Accessibility Foundations

Lisbon Digital School

November 2023

Workshop: UX Research

EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education

November 2023

Course: Mobile UI Design (Distinction: Top 10% in class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

August 2023

Course: Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide (Distinction: Top 10% in class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

July 2023

Workshop: Visual Design

EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education

June 2023

Course: Conducting Usability Testing (Distinction: Top 10% in class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

June 2023

Workshop: UX Writing Foundations

EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education

May 2023

Course: Mobile User Experience (UX) Design (Distinction: Top 10% in Class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

December 2022

Webinar: How to Communicate with Typography

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

April 2022

Webinar: UX Writing: How To Use Words As A Design Power Tool

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

March 2022

Webinar: 21st Century Design with Don Norman

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

February 2022

Course: Psychology of Interaction Design: The Ultimate Guide (Distinction: Top 10% in Class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

December 2021

Webinar: Beyond Interfaces: The UI Design Skills You Need to Know

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

November 2021

Course: User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide (Distinction: Top 10% in Class)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

March 2021

Course: Visual Elements of User Interface Design


September 2020

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